Installing solar panels and reducing electricity bills are very common words we are hearing from every other mouth these days. Right? Well, there isn’t any doubt that solar panels do save you some money, but there are certain questions you might be thinking of. One of them is “Can solar panels be installed on a metal roof?”. Having a metal roof isn’t stopping you from solar panel installation, but there are some things you need to look into. In this guide, we will be shedding some light on whether a metal roof can also become a sun-powered powerhouse or not. So, grab your metaphorical sunglasses and see if your roof is all set to shine bright with solar energy.

Metal Roofs and Solar Panels are a Match Made in Heaven

There is no denying the fact that metal roofs are the ultimate champions in the roofing world. Most people choose this type of roofing because of its tough and lasting nature that can handle the harshness of Mother Nature. Be it heavy rain, hail, heavy winds, or even a rogue Frisbee, metal roofs handle it all. Moreover, metal roofs are fire-resistant providing homeowners with the peace of mind they deserve.

So, installing solar panels on a metal roof is a hundred percent safe option. But before you grab your hard hats, you must know that they are not quite simple. While metal roofs have superpowers, they might require a special sidekick when it comes to solar panels. It highly depends on the type of metal your roofs are made with.

Standing Seam Roofs

Just like standing seam roofs are the best compatible option to install solar panels. What’s unique: Instead of drilling holes in your priceless metal roof, the solar modules can be firmly attached to these seams using special clips.

Corrugated Roofing

With their wave pattern, corrugated roofing gives a different appearance. Drilling through the roof is necessary to install solar panels, even though they are still sturdy and long-lasting. Though that may sound frightening, remain calm! A professional installation will guarantee that your roof remains tight with the appropriate waterproofing measures. But drilling can void the warranty on your roof. Thus, before making a decision, it’s crucial to study the fine print.

Mounting Methods: Clamps vs. Screws

There are few installation methods but when it comes to installing solar panels on metal roofs, there are two methods. Either it can be installed with clamps or with screws. Clamps are like tiny superheroes which grip on to standing seams. The best part about this type is it will leave the space looking clean and drill-free. While screws are a little more hand which will work by attaching brackets directly to the corrugated roofs.

Shine Bright with Canyon Property Solution

You can have life in the sun! In addition to being a roofing specialist, Canyon Property Solutions is also a solar energy system partner. We evaluate whether your sheet metal roof is suitable for installing solar cells. Moreover, we can provide you with advice on the optimal installation technique, and expertly oversee the whole installation procedure. Allow our staff to assist you in utilizing solar energy to make your house an energy-efficient beacon. To access the promising future of solar energy, get in touch with Canyon Property Solutions right now for a free consultation!

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