Are you stuck waiting to receive a “sign from above”? How can you tell if your roof needs repair or not? There are a few signs that can indicate it’s time for you to call a professional for roof repair in Surrey, BC. Let’s find out!

Signs You Need to Watch Out for

1.    Water Leaking

The main sign that your roof needs repair is a water leak. Moreover, if you suspect a water leak, it’s time for you to hire a roof repair in Surrey, BC. Therefore, water leaks can happen anytime, especially when your roof has a hole. Additionally, the signs could be that your roof is falling or flashing.

Secondly, water leaks are hazardous. Due to water leaks, your roof suffers further damage. If it is not taken care of immediately, your roof might rot, and the structure of your home will rot, too. Hence, mold will grow, a homeowner’s biggest nightmare.

2.    Sagging Roof

Another sign of your roof repair in Surrey, BC, is roof sagging. Do you suspect the roof is sagging? If so, this is another sign that your roof is damaged. Moreover, roof sagging happens when moisture is trapped inside the roof.

Moisture leads to rotting, so professionals must check your roof. Once you notice sagging, make sure you are making the call. Over time, it can cause holes in your roof and structural and water damage.

Professionals can repair your roof after sagging. However, sagging usually leads to replacement.

3.    Moss Growth on the Roof

If you see signs of moss growing on your roof, you should call your roofing company to remove it immediately. Furthermore, a little bit of moss should not worry you. However, if it’s a large amount, it means your roof is retaining moisture.

  • Tip: Make sure your roof gets much sunlight. It prevents moisture.

4.    Missing Shingles

Missing shingles are one of the most common signs of roof damage. Therefore, missing or broken shingles indicate roof repair. If the shingles on your roof have seen better days, you need to call the professionals.

You don’t have to worry if there are only a few, but you should get them repaired. If your roof has vast amounts of broken or missing shingles, you must get roof repair in Surrey, BC, or replacement.

5.    Damaged Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is the material that connects your roof to the chimney, vents, and anything else. Moreover, its purpose is to redirect water so it does not get into your house or roof.

Secondly, if there is no flashing, your roof will rot, and the water will enter your home. If you suspect damage flashing, you will need to get roof repair.

6.    Light Shining into the Attic

This is one of the easiest ways to indicate if you need to get roof repair. Moreover, you can go into your attic and check for light. To do this, turn off the light and observe where the light is passing through.

If you see small beams of light, it means there are holes in your roof. Hence, you need to call professionals for roof repair.

Is It Time for You to Schedule a Roof Repair?

Having a good roof on your home is essential to protect against the weather, keep out critters, and improve the value of your home. Schedule a roof repair appointment if your roof has any of these signs.

For more information on roof repair in Surrey, BC, call Canyon Property Solutions.

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