The demand for metal roofing has dramatically risen in the past couple of years. Yet if you have built-up shingles on your roof, the most likely question is, Can metal roofing be installed over shingles? Let’s find out!

The Types of Metal Roofing

●       Standing Seam

Raised seams on adjacent panels are locked together. Moreover, it provides a waterproof shield that runs vertically along the length of the roof.

●       Exposed Fastener

Exposed fastener metal roofs are panels that consist of using open fasteners (which are the screws). Moreover, they secure them to the roof deck. At the same time, the less expensive exposed fastener roofing may be susceptible to leaks, which may be another advantage.

Can Metal Roofing Be Installed Over Shingles?

Yes, the availability of over-shingle installation for metal roofing may depend on whether some conditions are met. Nevertheless, we recommend getting an estimate from a qualified roofing contractor. They can advise on whether a metal roof-over solder replacement would be feasible based on the state of your existing roof.

How Is It Installed?

The process of installing metal roofing over shingles typically involves the following steps:

  • Preparation: Professionals check the roof for the telltale signs of damage or downfall. For example, if there is rot, mold, or water damage.
  • Underlayment Installation: Shingles of the next roofing layer go on the existing shingles, and underlayment is laid over them, providing the additional surface of protection and insulation. Similarly, this ensures water doesn’t sneak on in and speeds up the process of energy efficiency, too. These two factors help water conservation.
  • Metal Roof Installation: The installation begins on the lower part of the roof using asphalt underlay, and the asphalt panels go over the underlayment. Depending on the metal roof, the panels are fastened to the roof deck using either sticks or screws.
  • Trim and Flashing Installation: Course the sealing flashing along the roof edges and valleys, as well as the penetrations, complete the waterproofing of the building, and give the roof a finished look.

Benefits of a Metal Roof-Over

Choosing a metal roof-over offers several benefits, including:


Roofs made of metal will resist wear and tear. Therefore, they may have a lifetime of 50 years or more with proper maintenance. Similarly, unlike with the asphalt shingles that give fewer traversing years.

Energy Efficiency

The radiation property of the metal panel results in lower absorption of a more significant proportion of the heat. Therefore, it generates lower cooling costs during the hot summer months. It also improves the insulation and may help control indoor temperatures.

Low Maintenance

Metal roofing is prone to minimal maintenance. It is infamous for its immunity to rot, mold, and insect damage. It is also durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions like high winds, heavy snow loads, etc.

Aesthetic Appeal

Metal roofs, all designs, and finishes could be chosen to suit any architectural design and reflect the owner’s taste. Be it a standing seam for those seeking a smooth and modern appeal or an exposed fastener for our traditional enthusiasts. Moreover, metal panels are a versatile addition to the house’s color.

Are You Looking for Metal Roofing Services?

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